Midsouthern Restorations

1968 Chevy Camaro

This 1968 Camaro coupe was purchased in Canada in the mid-1970s as a first car for this customer from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The proud owner kept the car in his possession through his adult life, vowing to rebuild and restore. Being a business owner, time was tight for him, so he contracted Mid-Southern Restoration to renew it in December 2007. The auto was disassembled and evidence of the harsh salt environment was seen. The body was sent to the sandblaster to be cleaned. The majority of the body was damaged by rust. This did not deter the owner and his love for his first car, and in two weeks, a semi truck pulled out front with all new body sheet metal. Starting from the front and working to the rear and then to the sides, the Coupe was rebuilt to new condition. The roof, trunk lid, and hood remain original. While the body was being worked on, the front sub-frame was cleaned and upgraded with urethane bushings, all new suspension hardware, and manual disc brakes. The motor was rebuilt and upgraded with high-performance parts as well as A/C. The goal of this project was to keep the Camaro very close to what it was like. With the body arrow straight, the silver was applied and black stripes were added. The interior is mostly original right down to the three speed shifter and knob. The restoration took ten months to complete, and then the owner and his first car were re-united. He enjoys showing and driving and smoking the tires. The first picture shows the car in the 70's.