Midsouthern Restorations

1972 Opel

This 1972 Opel GT belongs to one of our customers in Atlanta, GA. Owning the car for 20 years, the customer was searching for a reputable restoration shop to refinish the car. Specializing in Opels, we contacted the owner about restoring this model in our shop. The vehicle was picked up shortly thereafter and work began. After being sandblasted, the truth about the car was revealed. It was quite rusty, and several prior repairs were made and covered up. Although not a rare car by any means, sheet metal and parts are hard to come by. All the metal work was handmade in our shop. The rockers and much of the front end were completely cut out and replaced with fresh sheet metal. The car was painted original fireglow orange and kept mostly in stock condition. Everything of the undercarriage was powder coated and treated to prevent rust from ever forming again. The owner drives the car everyday during fair weather, even on the coldest days, and couldn't be any happier. The bar was set high after this restoration, and this Opel still remains an example to be judged by today.