Midsouthern Restorations

1954 Packard Carribean Convertible

This 1954 Packard Caribbean (1 of 400) remained in the process of restoration for over twenty years! Mid-Southern Restoration received the car and had to completely start over and rebuild the car once again. In one year’s time, the Caribbean went from zero to hero. The rear quarter panels had to be hand built, as well as the rocker panels. Many hard-to-find parts were missing and had to be located. There are expected to be only 65 of these remaining in existence. We had two in our shop at one time, and this helped with assembly of this particular one. The first pictures were found in a file belonging with the car. Since the car was finished in 2006, it has been in many shows, including a Concours d'Elegance invite-only. Pictures can be found on various sites on I-Net. This car has been featured in car books and various web sites related to antique and classics cars. This Packard is the flag ship of our customers private collection from Gallitan, Tennessee.