Midsouthern Restorations

1967 Pontiac Lemans

Over the last few years it seems we have had a rash of Pontiacs come here to be restored or repaired. We have done a few GTO’S and a Trans Am and now a 1967 Lemans. This customer came from Gainsboro, Tennessee and bought the car in Virgina new in 1967. In 1984 the transmission developed a leak and the car was parked. First outside then in a barn and then moved to a garage.

Plans for this car are a restoration of body and paint and mechanical and it is our goal to keep these types of projects as cost effective as possible. The car itself appeared to be solid and complete. The chrome was removed and sent to the platter. Next the Vinyl top was torn off and the paint stripped from the body. Here is where the rule we came up with applies. “All old cars have Dirty Little Secrets.” The owner says they did not know it was repainted. It was discovered the car had been in an accident on rear quarter panel and some rust had been covered in filler. The body is still a solid one with the floors not rusted, and the rust around the back window will add cost to the project.

The 326 V-8 and turbo 400 transmission have been removed...Rust was found under heater and A/C unit box.. Since we are installing Modern A/C from Vintage Air the front firewall has been cut out and all rust removed and new metal has been fabricated to replace. Removal of large A/C unit will also free up space in engine compartment.. The frame was removed from body and it was sand blasted primed and painted. The complete suspension was rebuilt using high performance suspension parts. The brakes were totally reworked and are all new. While the frame is off there were a few bits of rust that were cut out and the metal replaced. The under side will be under-coated then the frame will go back under on all new mounts.

The Lemans paint code revealed it was a rare color combination. The car date plate showed this to be a true M-Code “PLUM MIST” paint scheme with an “Ivory” white vinyl top. The car color was changed in a past repaint but is now the correct and highly desirable color and is now nearing the final stages of assembly before being completed. Every part and every piece has been rebuilt, repainted, replated, and restored to new condition. Even the hub caps were disassembled and each individual spoke was polish as well as other parts. They are in new condition. After market A/C was added being the only non original part.

We believe we are beautifying Tennessee one car at a time. This 67 Lemans is a knock out and runs and drives better than new. Having this and two GTO’S in for total restoration, we are becoming the Pontiac restoration pro’s.