Midsouthern Restorations

1962 Dodge Truck

Old Trucks are again popular and it seems the more unusual the better. Finally old Dodge trucks are being sought after and the early 60’s seem to fit the bill. We have seen one at a car show that has original red paint and runs a new Hemi with an old Cherry Bomb decal on the door. Here is a truck our customer from Cookville, Tennessee brought to us. It is a classic 1962 Dodge step side ˝ ton. It looks as though it was driven to make political statement and instead of “Drop Bread Not Bombs” written on the front fender it could have said “Drop Big Block Chrysler Wedge In”. That is what the owner wanted to do and he bought a running 1965 New Yorker from Huntsville, Alabama to pirate out the 413 cubic inch motor and automatic transmission.

The straight front axle was cut off truck and the New Yorkers front suspension graphed on. The rear axle was also taken from the car and used. The motor and headers were fit into place. Rust was found in the front floor boards and a new floor is being hand fabricated by our expert metal worker. The box sides were reworked and smoothed off. The truck has a low appearance. An artist rendition of what this truck might look like was found and is shown here. The Dodge will be assembled and ran then taken apart to clean and rebuild. A set of Cross ram intake manifolds were purchased to install at this later date when everything is removed.

This Dodge proves it does not have to be a Ford or Chevy to get attention. Watch the transformation of this unique combo.