Midsouthern Restorations

1967 Pontiac GTO

Challenges come in all forms and this is a good one. This 67 Pontiac GTO has been in restoration process for six years from other shops. The car was given to the current owner by her father. The car was rescued from Camden Tennessee and an estimated time of completion was given for the lady could drive her car by her birthday which will be around next May. As soon as all the new sheet metal shows up sparks will be flying and this GTO project will be underway.

Once back at the shop the body was found to be a butchered up mess. This car would never have gotten repaired the direction it was going. The body was cut from the floor and a whole new floor and trunk were ordered up. While the body was hanging by the rafters all the brackets and mounting spots were cleaned and prepped to be re-welded back to floor and wheel wells. Once this was accomplished, the right side wheel wells were fit in place and welded. Parts of the rocker panels were rebuilt. And the right hand side quarter panel fit and welded in place. The trunk was fit and the left side was way off, so the back corner was cut and hand made. Now the rear body is correct. This type of work is what the pros do. Anything less is no good. The back window area was already repaired once and found to be rusted out. All the metal was cut out and new pieces hand fabricated and welded in place. The GTO is starting to look like a real car again.

Once the Big GTO body was smoothed out laser straight, the underside was painted body color. This meant the bottom and firewall had to be made smooth. Once that was done the trunk was painted with spatter paint with a tint of body color. What is the body color you ask? It is Harley–Davidson Black Cherry. The owners of this GTO also have a Harley with the same color. Indoors it is hard to capture how sweet this thing is looking.

This GTO is finished up and turned out awesome. The customer supplied motor had serious valve train problems and had to be rebuilt. With the motor issues repaired and the custom chrome Pontiac Rally II wheels installed this car is awesome. This is a true head turner and a hot performer. The Magna Flow mufflers makes you want to turn off the radio and just listen to the eight cylinders in symphony.