Midsouthern Restorations

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

This cars owner lives in England and searched us out. Her car was located in a barn 50 miles from our shop. Her 1966 Mustang Coupe has been a passion for her since age 16. Now she is in the military and wants “Stan” the stang will be brought up to new condition and sent to England where she plans to drive it much.

Stan is in fairly good condition but had an amateur restoration done before and the drive train was worn out. This 66 coupe will receive and rebuilt suspension and straightened out body. The car decodes as a black car with red interior. The C code motor will remain stock and the correct Mustang engine parts put on. Modifications call for power steering and A/C. The car was steam cleaned underneath and shows to be very rust free.

This classic 65 Mustang was a victim of a previous collision and had become a victim of a shoddy restoration. The car was hit on the left rear and side. The door had been changed and the rear quarter had just been cover in filler. The old bent metal was cut off and new sheet metal ordered up. A new rocker panel was installed has well has an outer wheel well and quarter panel. The mid tail panel was also cut off and replaced. The door had rust holes covered in filler. The bad was cut off and new metal was hand fabricated and welded in place.

The 66 Mustang has come along way in the past few months. After the body work was complete and in primer, it was now time for the foundation of the car to be rebuilt. All new suspension was installed along with disc brakes on four corners. New wheels and tires are on the list and the inside is now painted. The 289 Windsor motor has been rebuilt to stock specs. The C-4 transmission has been rebuilt. With added power steering and A/C this car will be a sweet ride.

Stan, the 1966 Mustang rolled out on its way to England. The 289 Cubic Inch car runs out very well. We had problems with aftermarket parts but moved past the bugs. After driving this new 66 Mustang, we get where all those first time buyers enjoyed back then.