Midsouthern Restorations

1972 Ford F-100 Pickup

This truck came to us from Dalton, Georgia after the owner searched the internet for restoration companies and an E-bay offering we did of a similar truck. That similar truck was the 1967 F-100 also listed on the site here. After seeing the quality restoration and rust repair from it, this customer put his truck on a trailer and delivered it here to Cookeville, TN. For us it was a big relief to see a 98% rust free truck from dry Oklahoma where the new owner acquired it from his grandparents.

The one hard to find part is the aluminum tail gate molding for a 72 Ford truck that cover most of the gate. One day while driving down the road one was spotted on the rear of an old farm truck and was promptly bought on the spot. The farmer was happy the one last good piece of his truck will be restored and preserved. The 360 FE will be upgraded to 390 Cubic Inches and the C-6 transmission along with chassis will be rebuilt to new standards. There is a poem written for this truck by the original owner and it is posted on our front page.

The F-100 is well under way with the restored chassis being reassembled. The nine inch Ford rear end was rebuilt and new springs were added on all four corners. Most body work is complete and a minimal amount of rust was found. The cab corners were victims of rust and an inner fender well under the battery had rust holes. The box had all the small dents and dings removed and smoothed out on the inside and the outside of the box had minor damage. The front stopping power has been upgraded to disc brakes off a 75 Ford F-150.

The Ford is taking shape in the painting department. The color is 2013 Ford Ruby Red Metallic. It is a Tri color paint process and is more expensive but the color is awesome and will separate this truck from the herd.

The Ford truck is finished and looks like a million bucks and heading home back to Georgia. It will be in a Ford truck magazine.