Midsouthern Restorations

1972 Toyota FJ-40

Sometimes old Toyota’s need to be restored and this one sure did. This 1972 FJ-40’s owner is in Afghanistan and we have never met him in person. All correspondence has been through emails and pictures. The vehicle was located in Tennessee and we provide a hauling service to pick up vehicles. Once we brought the FJ-40 here we had it running and test drove it. It was so worn out it was dangerous to drive. The customer specified what he wanted and expected. He wanted a rebuild on the stock motor, new wiring, upgraded new suspension, Disc brakes all around and an overdrive unit and four speed. The owner researched where to find most all parts and made our business simpler. The unit was disassembled and the body sent out to be sandblasted. It came back with bad rust issues so new fabricated body parts were bought and all the rust cut out and replaced. A new long range fuel tank was added and it had to be modified so the correct original seats would fit. A custom roll bar had to be made for proper rear seat arraignment. The transmission cover had to be modified for the 4 speed and OD unit after the floors were replaced.

Once all body work was finished the body was primed and sent out to have LINEX Cover the exterior/ interior in the owner’s specified color and the interior is black. From there the frame was stripped and sand blasted and painted black with all suspension parts to match. The differentials are rebuilt. Waiting on hard to get parts has slowed down this project and once they arrive, restoration will once again proceed forward.

The 1975 Toyota motor was rebuilt, painted and installed in chassis. The transmission and drive train was installed and hooked up. The body was mounted and a warn vertical winch was fit into place. The seat were recovered and custom roll bar installed. The new soft top was fit. This FJ- 40 is really looking like a special unit now. The oil filter has been moved to a remote easy location on the firewall. The engineers who developed the upside down oil filter obviously never changed oil in their nice rides has oil runs out has soon has the filter is loosened and makes a mess all over the front chassis. A new header and Weber carburetor was ordered up and installed along with Mallory electronic ignition. The customer has spec'd this ride out from day one and it shows he has an eye for quality. This will be one of the most nicest FJ-40's in the country and beyond.This vehicle will be on the road soon.

The FJ-40 is now complete. The customer spec'd out some Dakota Digital Analog gauges and they look great. Many hours of labor went into restoring this unit. Everyone who has seen it in person loves this ride.