Midsouthern Restorations

1960 MGA

The owner of this 1960 MGA lives near Chattanooga, Tennessee. He bought the car in the late 70’s and he and his new wife occasionally drove it for a couple years. It was parked in early 80’s when it needed some work. Time flies by and he always wanted to have the car professionally restore back to the cars New condition. He contacted our company through our website e-mail and after a few discussions we did not hear from him for awhile. One day a phone call was made by him and the discussion was resumed. He searched out different “Restorers” and he was invited to our shop in Cookeville, TN. After more discussions and seeing how we do things and operate he felt comfortable allowing us to restore his pride and joy. The car was picked up in July 2014 and it fit our schedule perfect.

Once back at the shop, the car was disassembled revealing deterioration that is typical of these cars. The rockers and door pillars were rusted out and the frame was week with rusted out spots. New replacement sheet metal was ordered and the body was actually rebuilt while it was still bolted to the original frame, the perfect jig to keep body in alignment. Once the body was repair where it need be, support bars were welded to lift body off and park on a cart. With the body off quick work was made of removing drive train. The chassis was then sent to the sand blaster to be super cleaned and find the rot. Now you can see everything wrong with chassis the rust was cut out and replaced and new floor mounts and braces were bought to replace existing.

The 1600 motor was sent to a machine shop to be rebuilt and transmission was sent to a pro that specializes in, old standard transmission, to be checked and rebuilt. The rear drive was found it also needed some work. Once the chassis was repaired it was primed and painted and all suspension parts were checked and replaced has deemed necessary. The motor was completed has well as the transmission and the complete chassis was reunited. Back to body it was stripped to bare metal by Soda Blasting to remove all but protect the long smooth lines. The rest of the rust in the body was discovered and cut out and new metal welded in. The body was rougher than first thought and many hours were applied to make it near perfect. The car was repainted and clear coated it original color. It was lowered back on chassis and then the process began for final assembly.

A new wiring harness was ordered has well has any missing parts. The bumpers were re-chromed as well has many small parts. The SU carburetors were professionally rebuilt and installed. The car is fairly simple yet complicated in areas. The owner greatly appreciated our open door policy and was always stopping in to check on the MGA. He ordered a sweet Stainless Steel exhaust system and that was a great touch. After some de-bugging the MG runs great and looks super. The owner will complete upholstery at his home. Another friend was made and an eight month turn around is good business.