Midsouthern Restorations

1968 C-10 Pickup

Here is a 1968 Chevrolet C-10 past down to current owner from his uncle who bought it new. The truck was always maintained and taken car of. 47 years later the new owner wants to make the truck new again. One day while I was in Nashville TN dropping off a restored 66 Mustang I drove a couple miles and went to check out this truck. I quickly noted how solid it was and original. After discussing plans with the owner, he drove the truck to Cookeville TN to drop it off. It says much about an older vehicle to hop in and drive most anywhere especially when they are all original. The original 307 and three on the tree will be retained and the owner has been collecting many NOS parts as possible including a tail gate.

There was a small amount of rust at first and more became apparent. This was in the cab rocker panels. The owner wanted to retain the original dealer installed advertising bumper has his father is now the mayor of the town in Kentucky where the dealership is gone but the bumper has their name. This is an easier restoration than most and is scheduled to be done well in time for a July 4th parade in 2016 in the town where this truck was bought new.

Once the body was removed from the chassis the drive train was pulled out. The stock 307 cubic inch motor was freshen'd up and checked over. The transmission was gone through. A new clutch was in order has well has rebuilt the infamous "Three on Tree" shifter and steering column. The owner had bought and saved many NOS Chevrolet pieces just for this project and they made the process come together when the assemble time came. Not many in the business likes to use cheap over seas parts and factory originals while they last are the only way to go.

The old GM paint formulas did not work with today's spec sheets so the blue had to be custom blended for correct color. You can see the beauty coming down the street. The truck is back home in Nashville and made the July 4th parade with a few days to spare. Many compliments were received.