Midsouthern Restorations

1968 F-100 Pickup

I bought this 68 Ford F-100 after two years of bugging the original owner. I had the twin already to it. A potential customer and friend wanted to buy my other truck so I talked him into buying this one. In years past the truck was involved in an accident and the box, even though looked ok was twisted and it was just less expensive to purchase a brand new step side box. No one re-makes the style side bed for these old trucks. The truck only had 53,000 miles on odometer . The suspension and brakes were rebuilt and fuel tank replaced. Then the body went to paint and body where it was disassembled and made sweet then original color of LUNAR GREEN was applied. The truck was upgraded with factory stainless trim around windshield and back glass along with back glass. The side trim was left off. Once repainted the new box and wood was installed. The truck came back to life and original factory West Coast junior mirrors were restored and added replacing the cheap aftermarket mirrors.

This customer is have New York and has a second ranch in Lebanon, TN. The truck will go to NY. After some hub cap trys it was settled on American Racing wheels and TAS.

The 240 cubic inch 6 cylinder just was not making enough power and we believe it sat to long and rings were stuck to pistons. A new rebuilt 302 bolted right in and now the truck is a happy cruiser.