Midsouthern Restorations

1953 Chevy Pickup Truck

A gentleman from Cookeville, Tennessee stopped by and showed us his 1953 Chevy truck that he recently purchased and wanted us to check out the steering problems and loose doors and adjustments to mechanicals. He owns an old building salvage business. This truck is his company truck to drive to, inspect and buy old buildings. After a short dangerous test drive the truck was deemed unsafe has the homemade, upgraded original old chassis was built wrong for the pro street look. After some research a pro chassis builder was located and he still had the blueprints from a chassis he had built a few years ago. It was proved to be a good design and so this one was ordered up to be custom built. The body and box were removed from the first mutilated chassis has well as motor and transmission. The rest was junked except for wheels and tires. Once the new chassis arrived the rear 9 Ford rear drive and tires were fit and the body was refit to it new foundation. Now the old Chevy is a safe pro street unit and the bed was rebuilt using Jack Daniel Whiskey barrels to cover fuel tank and battery box. Once mechanical were sorted out and doors repaired we had a local sign painter do a custom business logo on the side and a statement on the rear to reflect the owner's business and patriotism. The cab is correct and the box is from a newer Chevy truck. It now can be seen driving around central Tennessee frequently and safely.