Midsouthern Restorations

1969 Ford F-100

This 1969 Ford F-100 LWB came to us from Washington state. It was a North Carolina truck and was shipped there. Once there the owner found out about us through Facebook and had the truck sent back east to be restored correctly. We have restored and maintained quite a few of the 67-72 Ford trucks. We also keep a few of them out back for hard to find parts.

Once delivered to our shop we drove the ford to evaluate the condition. It was a fairly sound old truck. Some mechanical front suspension work was done previously but not 100%. Once disassembled the chassis was taken to bare frame, sand blasted and repainted. All the suspension parts cleaned and kingpins and busing were replaced. The rear differential was rebuilt. Brakes were checked. The body work was minimal with small amount of rust. The body work was knocked out and truck is smooth. The owner wanted a color change and now this truck pops out. While this work was being performed, the 240 6-cylinder was gone through and A/C pump added. Truck will look like new again once when complete.

This new 1969 F-100 is now at home in Washington State. The owner is bonding with hid truck which drives out like a brand new 1969 pick up. Bed was Rhino lined at request of owner and looks good.