Midsouthern Restorations

1970 Ford Mustang

This 1970 Mustang Fastback was saved from a non professional body man. We received a call about painting this so called straight has an arrow mustang body. Just needs final sanding, I heard. I went to Sparta TN to pick it up and told customer it needs much more has the work was shoddy. Once back at the shop it sanded down to bare metal. The quarter panels on one side was cut loose and readjusted. Two new fenders and a new Shaker Hood was fit. After a month in intensive care, the car was near ready for paint.
The owner picked his color and the car was painted. It is a very straight car and is slowly being assembled from owner supplied parts.

A used 351 Cleveland was test run on our run stand. It proved to be in good shape. The FMX was sent off to our pro transmission re-builder. I called Ram Air and bought his last fiber glass high quality Shaker for a 70 Mustang. Scott Drake and the Chinese boys selling the horrendous poor-quality fiber glass shakers for cheap has hurt his business of quality American made units.

The rear differential was re-built in house and all fuel lines and brake lines made here also. The owner stops in every couple days to drop off a part and check on his car.