Midsouthern Restorations

1967 F-100 SWB

We rebuild and restore quality Ford Trucks. This one came from South Carolina. It was found sitting for 20 years and drug out of a lean two. It was made to run again and drive. It was dressed up and had the great patina. After driving for awhile, the owner decided to take to way next level. The truck was stripped down. Mouse nest and rust in floors was found. Most everything else was in good shape. A new rebuilt 428 Cobra Jet and pro built C-6 Transmission was ordered up to power the F-100 Shorty. A new 9 inch Ford rear differential sporting posi-trac and 3:00 gear ratio was installed in original housing.
Once the floors were replace and re-welded in a color change happened. Having a Wimbledon White 1966 427 Fairlane here at the shop gave the idea of building an Faux R –Code 1967 F-100. The truck is free from all the new comfort creature items. There is drum brakes all around. No power anything but the motor.

The body was smoothed out and now it is the same color has the Fairlane. All the Stainless trim and west coast jr. mirrors were restored. These will be added as well has the factory slim trim down the sides. Steel wheels will be purchased with poverty hub caps. The goal is to make it look like a truck Ford should of built in 67. it is believed this truck will be another first place finisher at the F-100 Nationals when completed from our shop.